Dobbins Construction is a building company that specialises in small to medium size construction projects, providing design, planning, management, and project delivery services.

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry and great working relationships across the supply chain, we can be relied upon to deliver excellent-quality work, every time.

We offer a more flexible, collaborative and tailored approach to the building process, backed by the higher-level systems, expertise and support that has been traditionally reserved for higher-tier projects.

With Dobbins Construction, the smaller bespoke building projects benefit from the same focus and effort as the biggest of projects, with a more personal, individual focus tailored to your needs.

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Joel Dobbins

Joel Dobbins

Dobbins Construction Pty Ltd was founded by Joel Dobbins, a construction professional with over 15 years’ experience successfully delivering projects throughout Queensland.

Prior to establishing Dobbins Construction, Joel held management roles with various Tier-2 building contractors where he led numerous project teams to deliver exceptional results for private, public and government sector clients.

Many clients have benefited from Joel’s strong relationships with stakeholders and the supply chain, and his proven ability to identify and manage risk at all project stages. Joel brings passion, a strong vision, and a wealth of design and project management experience to the business.

Our Core Values

The Dobbins logo and company name, symbolising the brand, have been developed to embody the core values of Dobbins Construction. These include:

Put in the effort

Hard Work

Do the right thing


Tell the truth


Treat others with respect


Work together through communication


Do your job well


Resist taking the easy way out


Remain firm in support of others


Have true belief in others


Dobbins Construction

A “Dobbin” horse is a common name for a workhorse or a farm horse, from the middle-English 16th Century terminology. It was a term of endearment used for a family of work horses known for being quiet, strong, patient, and loyal. The logo includes a pure blue colouring, signifying a calm demeanour, loyalty, and trustworthiness, and in conjunction with the block, bold lettering in the company name, portrays strength and authority. These features of the Dobbins Construction brand and logo will convey, simply, our Core Values to our clients, in conjunction with the conduct of our employees.

Our approach

Step 1:


We’ll collaborate with you and everyone involved in your project to create a solid plan that will cover all basis, anticipate and avoid problems and set clear expectations.

Step 2:


We’ll add value and resources to your project to ensure that the costs are right and the project is set up for success. You’ll see how we distinguish ourselves from others (and how we distinguish the projects we work on) in practicality in this stage.

Step 3:


We can deliver your construction project and see it through to fruition. With over 15 years of experience delivering better-quality, tailored construction projects, you know you can count on us for the whole process, or as much as you need help with. 

What sets us apart

What sets Dobbins Construction apart from the rest?

Agile and flexible

We have the experience, skills and ability to be flexible and cater to your individual needs for each respective project. We ensure that we don’t take on too many projects at a time so that we can provide a more personalised (and higher-quality) service for each of our clients.


We have built great working relationships over more than 15 years, with suppliers and subcontractors across the supply chain. We consult with architects, clients and developers during the project design and pre-construction stages, and use these relationships to help improve project outcomes wherever and whenever we can throughout the process.

The highest level is our standard level

With a background in higher-level projects, we offer Tier 2 level processes, systems and experience, as a standard service, for smaller projects. This is something unique to us, and leads you to better project outcomes that are not typically offered by smaller builders.

Better planning and clearer expectations

Using Dobbins Construction through early engagement and collaboration can avoid common building project issues experienced later in the project if no addressed early. We can add value through addressing buildability and undertaking value engineering during the concept, feasibility, and detailed design stage of the building project, which leads to improved project outcomes at the delivery stage.

Collaboration at its best

We believe in taking a collaborative approach, sharing the unique learnings, experience and insights from all players within a project, and applying learnings for better outcomes for all. Working together with you, your stakeholders, and all parts of the supply chain, we are able to bring together a wealth of knowledge, experience and insight for your project. We’re experts at identifying problems before you know about them, and providing solutions to fix those problems. Our unique planning, project management and project delivery approach allows us to address any buildability issues and time or cost constraints before they become problems.

A better build experience

We make sure that every one of our projects gets the attention and support that you would expect and deserve. We take a client-based approach and ensure that we have the capacity to put in the focus and effort required before we take on a job. We limit the number of jobs that we take on at any one time, to ensure quality. When you work with Dobbins Construction, you also get direct lines of communication to our Director, for a better, more personable experience.

Our service area

We service clients in government and infrastructure, construction, residential building and commercial building projects, across Southern Queensland. This includes all suburbs of Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Gold Coast areas.

Meet our lead team members

Joel Dobbins

Joel Dobbins is the Director of Dobbins Construction. Joel has extensive experience in project management, contracts administration and estimating in the residential, industrial, commercial, health and civil / mining sectors. Joel is highly experienced in working with several large EPCMs, companies and developers, health and local councils and private companies on key construction projects ranging from $50k to $20M.

Krystal Dobbins

Krystal Dobbins assists Joel in the day-to-day running of Dobbins Construction and is a valuable member of the team who is passionate about seeing the best possible results with our clients.

Get a better result for your next construction project

Reach out to us to talk about your next project and experience the Dobbins Construction difference for yourself. You’ll soon learn that construction projects can run to timeframe and budget with the right level of planning, project management and expertise.