Design Management

We provide design management skills that use a construction perspective to determine impacts and areas for improvement and the design stage. We turn this into time and cost-savings on-site.

Our design management services include:

Design Development

We work closely with you throughout your design development stage to meet your specifications for the project. Our experts at Dobbins Construction can create detailed designs that ensure all the goals and objectives of the project are achieved.

We can assist in this way throughout the entire process, from concept to completion.

Design Review

If you have an external party or in-house team develop your designs, we can review those plans and designs to make sure they meet the project specifications, objectives and all relevant regulations and requirements. From there, we will provide feedback and suggestions to make sure your project meets its goals and brief.

Design Coordination and Integration

We have built excellent industry contacts over 15 years and maintain great working relationships. Our team are experienced in coordinating with all players in a construction project and can coordinate and assist your different teams, from architects and engineers to subcontractors and contractors. We believe in bringing the knowledge, learning and insights from all stakeholders and teams together, to ensure the project outcome is a great one.

Design Documentation

We are experienced and effective at documenting all the decisions and factors that come into play along the design and construction process. We can help you to create and update your plans, drawings, details and specifications so you have a reliable record.

A builder’s perspective for design management

What sets Dobbins Construction’s design management services apart is our construction background.

So we don’t just see things from a builder’s perspective. We see things from an experienced builder’s perspective.

Unlock the power of experienced foresight for your projects

We are able to look at the drawings and design and see how they will convert into columns on a slab on-site. From over a decade of first-hand experience, we can anticipate what else that could impact on the project, and how the plans can be improved to save time and money during the build.

We manage designs for better project outcomes

Our passionate team can help ensure that your projects are completed on time, within budget, with minimal delays, and in line with the relevant safety and regulatory standards. Through quality design management, we anticipate potential issues before they have a chance to blow out your project timing or expense.

Talk to a design management expert

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