Value Engineering

We create cost savings that achieve the same functional result and quality outcome, at a lower cost to you. Maximising your investments while maintaining top-notch project quality.

Maximising your investments

Working with Dobbins Construction for value engineering will see you benefit from:

From the initial evaluation of your project to the implementation of value engineering strategies, we can help you to reduce costs and optimise your resources.

Experience that will save you money

Our experienced and fully qualified team has over 15 years of industry experience that spans right across the construction industry.

We’re old hands in planning, designing and delivering construction projects for residential, commercial, Government and infrastructure, and can guide you through your project’s entire lifecycle, creating better efficiencies and savings along the way.

Smart cost savings your bottom line will love

Through experience working in a wide range of construction projects across industries, and working closely with various project teams, we know a bunch of shortcuts and efficiencies that can save you money.

See a recent example in the case study below.

Identifying alternative solutions for better outcomes

We’re experts in identifying alternative solutions for projects to improve efficiencies and cut down on costs.

We’ll find ways to shorten processes where we find inefficiencies, and we’ll also present options such as alternative materials and other alternative solutions as cost savers.

We bring in efficiencies and learnings from all links in the supply chain

For over 15 years, we’ve been in the industry, forming strong relationships and partnerships with professionals in all parts of the supply chain. Something that’s different in our approach, is that we bring the significant learnings, insight, experience and specialty niche of each of these players into play for your projects. If there’s a recommendation at any stage to improve your project, we’ll see to it that you know about it. At Dobbins, we’re all about collaboration and open, honest communication. And we bring the knowledge to you.

Get maximum return on investment for your next project

Get in touch with us at Dobbins Construction and learn how we can improve efficiencies for your project while maintaining a high-quality output, with optimised resources, reduced waste and increased cost savings.