Construction Management

Need someone to manage your construction project for you? We have the skills, resources and processes you need to manage complicated construction projects for you, from start to finish.

Over 15 years of experience and expertise

Whether you need additional resources to undertake a new project, or simply don’t have the capacity to do it all alongside all your other projects Dobbins Construction have the experience and skills you can rely on.

We have over 15 years of experience managing all types of projects, big and small, across all sectors of the construction industry.

You can contract out Dobbins Construction to fulfil the construction management role for your projects. Let us coordinate the people, processes, and resources and deliver successful outcomes.

Construction management services tailored to your needs

Our experience in the industry allows us to operate flexibly and tailor our services to your specific project needs and requirements.

At Dobbins Construction, we specialise in bespoke construction projects, and provide a higher level of service.

Get in touch with us today and outline your specific needs — and we’ll tailor a solution to match.

Bringing big project skills, tools and focus to small and medium size projects

We use the systems, expertise and building management systems that are often reserved for bigger, more advanced projects. This means that we can bring a higher quality, more efficient project delivery to small and medium-sized projects.

We use systems like Procore, Viewpoint,

1breadcrumbs, Bluebeam, and CostX systems for every project, big or small. We use top-of-their-range, big-project tech, skill, focus and insights.

This means we can bring greater efficiency to the table during project delivery, which is of real benefit to you.

We use foresight and planning to guide better outcomes

Our project management style of delivery sees us work more collaboratively with you, and with the supply chain. We’re thorough, detail-oriented and work hard to plan ahead during all stages of the project.

Collaboration for better outcomes

Something that sets our construction management services apart is how we value our supply chain.

We have forged close-working relationships with our suppliers, subcontractors and consultants, and we collaborate closely with them constantly.

This collaborative approach brings the benefit of experience and knowledge on materials and methods from a variety of sources; applying it to your project and ensuring that we’re smart in what we do (and how we do it) throughout the project. We are naturally inquisitive and aware there is more than one way to achieve the same result, so we ask lots of questions to understand other easy to achieve better project outcomes.

The result is better planning and better outcomes.

Outsource your construction management

Contract Dobbins Construction for the construction management of your next project, and you’ll soon learn how our experience, expertise and unique approach can get you better results. Get in touch with us today to tell us about your project needs and get a quote tailored to you.