Government and Infrastructure

At Dobbins Construction, we deliver high-quality construction work for Government and infrastructure projects, from schools, social housing and health facilities, to Government and public infrastructure projects.

Experienced construction team with all the credentials

With over 15 years of industry experience that spans across architecture, engineering, design, construction and project management, we understand what it takes to deliver a construction service that is going to get you the outcomes you need while keeping stakeholders happy.

We have the experience and the credentials that see us deliver high-quality construction outcomes for projects big and small.

Constructability issues are easily identified and resolved

We have a proven system of identifying, documenting and resolving constructability issues from tender. We work with you to apply those learnings into the construction stage, to avoid delays and additional costs down the line.

Compliance requirements met easier

By identifying the relevant compliance requirements of councils, Australian standards and building requirements into the design at the tender stage, we give you time to address issues before they become a constructability issue on-site. Saving you time and money.

High-quality construction output

At Dobbins Construction, we take a project-focused approach and deliver work of exceptional quality that meets project requirements and priorities. We take great pride in our work and are proud to have an excellent track record of great project outcomes, for projects of all sizes.

Talk to us about your next project

Give our team a call for Government and Infrastructure construction services that save you time and money down the track, while producing high-quality outputs within project deadlines and timeframes.